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My client portfolio

Here are some of the current and past clients I have teamed up with throughout my career as a freelance lawyer-linguist, translator, reviser, post-editor, reviewer, proofreader, transcriptionist, and more recently lecturer, both on a contractor and subcontractor level.

What My Clients, Mentees, and Former Employers or Superiors Say

Maria is extremely professional and has a tremendous ability to learn and easily adapt, as I had the opportunity to witness myself during the period she was under my supervision. Her excellent legal training and all her technical, social and IT skills are a valuable asset. She is very determined, capable and hardworking, always showing great attention to detail when doing her job. In addition to that, she is also proactive, committed, dynamic and responsible when it comes to her work. Another important thing about Maria is that she has a strong sense of ethics, her conduct is truly flawless, and she displays exceptional human qualities. "

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa,

Mr. President of the Portuguese Republic

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